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For the past 15+ years, I have been helping families make a successful shift from our over-processed, over-medicated lifestyles to simpler, sustainable everyday wellness. The reality is, we live in a world that demands a whole lot of time, effort and energy, and at the end of the day convenience trumps all. Allow me, to cut your learning curve with McGuyver-like methods towards vitality.

During this time, I have helped people implement amazing health-promoting benefits of God-given resources eliminating the dependence on drugs and toxic products. Some time ago, I was introduced to a powerful whole-body healing approach that serves as the missing link in our search for vibrant health and longevity.

What if I told you that there was a way to  keep your family above the wellness line and experience less imbalance? What if there was a way so effective that you could quickly overcome everyday common undesirable conditions without a doctor's visit, costly prescriptions or toxic over-the-counter products? 

My family is living proof that these methods work. I have committed myself to ignite the desire in others to live well by helping them find this same approach and teaching them how to live with all their senses.

Without any special degrees or certifications, my Divine vocation duties include everything from household CEO, faith-former, boo boo kisser, teacher, housekeeper, butt wiper, dietitian, janitor, financial planner, bank, taxi driver, Dr Mom, chief, encourager, sideline cheer leader, secretary, entertainment director and beyond.... I'm #justamom, it's what I do without pause like a Super Hero! 


Your Wellness Guide

Hello! I'm Maria Malec

 to guide you


Our sensory system is feedback of the YOUniverse. During the Discovery Session we will determine if sensory alignment is right for you. This technique combines easy methods that create positive responses to achieve heart and mind alignment. 

Everything you need is within YOU.

We will discuss how….

Sensory Alignment Session: 

Discovery & Strategy session: 

During this appointment we will assess your needs. We offer Wellness & Lifestyle Assessments to create your unique blueprint for wellness. You will walk away with a better understanding of your body as a whole. You will learn how your health can be positively effected through lifestyle transitions given the proper tools. 

- To activate and elevate healing & consciousness.
- Interact harmoniously with your inner and outer environment.
- Mindfully detach from intentional and unintentional agreements.
- Become aware of your place in the world.
- Curate an acceptance of flow and change.
- Reacquaint yourself with your original design



Invite me to speak at your next corporate or organization event on various topics ranging from self-empowerment to easily achieving everyday wellness. 
These engagements are designed to provided simple informed self-care methods on how to live an organic, naturally-infused toxin-free lifestyle. Various topics can be discussed to address home, wellness, beauty, balance, performance and other stuff that matters. They will help you create a unique personal practice and awareness to cultivate a harmony of mind, body, heart and soul to live and feel fully. Sow seeds of whole living while discovering your original design through simple holistic experiences that are joyful and effective!

2 hour minimum




Spend a long weekend, week or more with me in my home to get pampered and rejuvenated while obtaining hands on Informed Self-Care training. 

Includes a private room and shared bathroom. 3 Healthy meals +snacks per day, fresh made juices, light fitness, kitchen-food prep and cooking instruction, grocery store tour, essential oil training, energy work, sensory alignment work, daily inspirational training, field trips, alone time
Optional add on: Raindrop massage and yoga instruction




"My passion is to ignite the desire in YOU to live well by GUIDING YOU  TO find YOUR UNIQUE LIFESTYLE FLOW & EQUIPPING YOU TO

Live with all your senses"

 I am a perfectly imperfect mom of five who believes that vitality is the result of making a conscious decision to take action. I am a wellness advocate, educator of Informed Self-Care,chemical-free activist and encourager who loves to help others reach their wellness goals. I have discovered my true purpose of impacting lives sharing my life-hacks for wholesome living.

Informed Self-Care is about learning what options are available to make better-informed choices that affect our health. It starts with learning how to balance all aspects of our lives beginning with our mindset and desire to change. 

I am a gentle guide who will show you the way by empowering you to take responsibility for your life and the life style that suits your unique needs. This is not a one-size fits all journey. 

Are you ready to take action? I am in the same boat as you ready to steer you in the right direction.

with love, Maria

- Linda Potgieter, South Africa

Maria’s passion, knowledge and expertise for comprehensive wellness is pretty spectacular.
As a wife, a mother and a business owner, she has taken her vast experience in life and in business and created an oasis that brings peace and wellness to our lives.
She has done this by ridding her home and her mind from negative, toxic elements and she has produced products and training that show us how to do the same. Even my kids have been massively impacted by her. If you are at a stage of your life where you want to achieve both peace and vitality, Maria is your girl!

- Darieth CHISOLM, Miromar Lakes 

Maria is so in touch with her powerful feminine instinct. She's naturally gifted at determining what natural healing practices serve her clients best.  It's amazing how she helped me choose the right essential oil and supplements to relax,focus, heal and feel empowered.

- Susan, Raleigh NC

"Maria has guided me in the right direction with oils and healthy living for the past 13 years since I was pregnant with my first child. She has offered suggestions of what essential oils to use for a healthy pregnancy, then for my babies, my self, my home and even my pets! We are grateful to her for sharing her passion with us. She has impacted our lives greatly."

- Kebbie Rosenberg, Riverview FL

"My daughter and I had the pleasure of meeting Maria last year at the Farmers Market. Since then, we've been using her oil-infused DIY products everyday. Her Happie Salve is our go to for chapped lips, dry skin, delicate eye area and growing pains."

are saying


the community



We ALL need a personal soul connection....why not make your next stop here to be nourished in so many ways. The Peace Patio is a family-friendly place to kick up your feet, gather and connect with an eclectic group of people in a relaxed atmosphere. Get connected socially, as well as, making potential business relationships.

Every month you will experience some kind of LIVE entertainment and served a mostly organic menu with a featured food of the month. For those of you who have been around me when a bottle of essential oil has been tapped, know that good times await!

Expect to have your senses excited and leave here happier than when you arrived..... guaranteed! You will receive a handout of the benefits of the featured food, special occasion gifts and/or the opportunity to shop with a local artisan.


come to my house!


My intention is to educate the community on how to achieve one's highest potential through conscious and responsible living. Expect to expand your mind to new concepts of discovering well-being while connecting the heart & mind. You will be equipped with practical solutions to modern day situations. Engage with others who share your zeal for knowledge while sharing ideas to support one another. The information you receive will positively impact the rest of your life. 

online community


Scent has a powerful impact on affecting our emotional mindset. Have a personalized scent created uniquely for you to help positively affect healthy thinking . Fill out this survey and order form here.


just for you!


"Be still and know that I AM God"
Psalm 46:10 

I AM a co-creator of my we all are! It is my greatest desire to experience life to the fullest and live as an example to guide others to do the same. Here are the first of many items that you can welcome onto your path. They will serve as daily reminders to honor the life force within you.

Whenever you say the words, “I Am” you are addressing the Creator within you. Everyday when you see an “I AM” stone or statement, choose a positive phrase that will honor your Divine source.When you use terms that are self sabotaging, you are dishonoring the Source that gives you life. Words are very powerful! Choose them wisely. Listen to Love Speak to Elevate

Order any of the “I AM Initiative”© products (stone, shirt, notecards) for yourself, a friend or a group you wish to Bless.





I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you have about your journey!

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